Some products in Vignita requires you to add an avatar profile picutre before you can start your exam.
This is usually because a photo is required in order to issue a certificate you're going to receive after the exam is passed.

We recommend you to follow these passport image requirements to ensure that your photo will be accepted as a valid certificate photo:

  • The image must have your entire head visisble (the face should cover 70-80% of the image) and show the top of your shoulders

  • You're allowed to wear glasses in the image, but the glasses can't be colored, the frame shouldn't hide parts of your eyes, and it should not be any reflections in the glasses

  • Religious headdresses are allowed if the chin, forehead and both cheeks are visible. The headdress must also not cast any shadows over the face

  • The image must be

    • in sharp focus, clear and with good contrast

    • taken straight from the front, and against a light background

    • in colors

    • maximum six months old, and look like you

We recommend that the image is at least 150 px wide, with a resolution of at least 300 DPI

This represents an image about as large as a 35-40mm wide photograph

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