Choose the profile that you will use in purchasing the product.

Click Shop on the Toolbar.

Search the product that you want to purchase.

You can also choose which type of product to purchase, from E-course to Event and Ebook.

You can scroll up and down to search for the product to buy.

Click on Buy or the product to add the item to your cart.

Check the item/s in your cart. You can increase and reduce the quantity of the product.

You can also remove the item from your cart.

Edit the schedule of the course or webinar if needed.

Add accessories to your purchase if necessary. Sometimes there are one or more options to add. **Accessories can be online or physical products such as manuals, books, etc.

Click Checkout.

Add the Participant's details.

There are two ways to add it.

Input the email address, name, and contact number manually.

You can also do a bulk upload of the participant's details by downloading the CSV file and filling it out then uploading it.

Select the payment method. Credit card payment will require you to enter credit card information.

Invoice, on the other hand, will require you to enter the recipient name and this is mostly used for company purchases.

Then click on Buy Now.

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