If you are going to create an E-course, you need to create a topic first. This will be the actual content of your course. You can create this while you are inside the course builder, however, it will be more convenient if the topic is readily available.

1. To create a topic, click the Plus Icon on the toolbar followed by Topic.

You will be routed then to the Topic Builder page

2. Fill out the required fields such as the cover photo/video and topic name.

Choose the default language, select the appropriate categories for the topic, and enter some keywords under tags.

3. Click on the following tabs to add exercises that must be answered at the

end of the topic. Choose the question type, enter your questions and add the answers. Make sure that there is a correct answer/s for each question then click on Accept to save the questionnaire. Click on the bin icon to delete the questions and answers.

You can also upload an attachment or frequently asked questions to be used if needed.

Once you're done, click on Save at the top right of the page.

*Note: Exercises on each topic can also be used as part of your Exam for the course.

We recommend that you save your work all the time to avoid redoing it.

Add On: You can also choose to create the topic in another language. At the top of the page, you can enter one or more additional languages. Then you have to upload the content again in the chosen language.

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