Apart from E-Courses, Vignita also offers events, which can be a webinar or a traditional event that needs your attendance.

1. To create an event, click the Plus Icon on the toolbar followed by Event

2. Fill out all the required fields on the Info tab of the Product Builder.

3. On the Events tab, choose whether the event is an Attendance Event or a Webinar.

For attendance events, select the date, time, and place. Choose the teacher/speaker and the number of attendees for the event.

For webinars, you can use Vignita's own webinar link or you can have one of your preferred meeting platforms.

4. Fill in the necessary fields on the following tab:

On-demand (this tab is used for Webinars)






*Note: It is best to activate the exam and rewards (diploma/course certificate)

5. Click on Save everything is completed.

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